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Our Anahola vacation rentals are the ideal way to explore such a magical locale. Taking advantage of Anahola cottages & homes.

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If you are a Resort or Management Company that is listing rentals that are not owned by you, or you have more than 4 rentals, or have more than 4 rentals or units on the same property, please see the Listing FAQ or Listing Policies page regarding Multiple Rental Units. OR, simply contact me if you don’t want to plow through the fine print.

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*Beachfront – The property fronts a sandy beach and you can walk right out onto it.
*Oceanfront – There is no sandy beach to walk out onto. It may be lava or rocks.

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If your location is not listed, please select "other" and indicate the location in the Comments box at the bottom.

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Think carefully and use about 45-50 words MAXIMUM to describe your rental or property. Filling in no more than the space to the right will be just about right. Please do not say "Get from my web site" or that is exactly what your listing will say. Try NOT to be redundant in your description of what you have already indicated above or below on this form. (Don’t say "3 bedroom, 3 bath oceanfront home in Poipu" because you will indicate those things above and/or below on this form)."

KVRL reserves the right to edit descriptions.

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The title of your vacation rental.

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  • Payments can be made by Check, Money Order or credit card by using PayPal. PayPal is safe and secure and an easy sign-up (if you are not signed up already).


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