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30-Day No-Questions-Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee!

List your vacation rental for 30 days and see the value for yourself. If you are dissatisfied in any way, simply contact us and we'll gladly refund your payment, no questions asked! (New listings only! - Refunds via PayPal ONLY!)

Advertising Options & Prices

(see Payment Options below)

New & Renewed listings get placed at the top of their rate section


NEW Private Owner Listings - $175/yr:

  • 1 Listing - on your island area page - North, South, East, West - (Your ad will be placed at the top of your vacation rental rate section and move down as others are added. Renewed listings go back to the top)

  • Private owner listings are given priority and always remain above property management company listings. 

  • Private owner listings have a light blue background.

  • Property management company listings are indicated with a colored spot at the beginning of their listings.  

(Home Page Listings: NOT available for listings.)

Please Note:

  • Ads will be added on a first come first serve basis.

  • All ads will be added to the top of the list. As the year progresses, your ad will migrate down the list as other listings are added and renewed. 

  • When an ad is renewed, in one year, your ad gets moved back to the top.

  • Please note that the island area General Listings pages - North1, South1, East1, West1 - contain numerous property management company listings in each rate section. However Private Owner Listings are given priority placement over property management company ads. Private owner listings have a light blue background and are ALWAYS listed ABOVE property management company listings. Property management company listings are never placed above the private owner listings.

Add Your Listing Now

Private Owner Renewals - Annual or Early Renewal Option: $175/yr

  • You may opt to renew your listing annually or renew your listing early. Exercising either option will move your listing back to the top of the list. If it is your desire to renew at this time, please click on the form link below. The rates are the same as stated above.

Renew Your Listing Now

Owners with Multiple Properties, Property Managers, Resorts:

  • Please refer to the Multiple Units link at the top of the Listing Policies page for details and pricing. Then contact_us.html">email me if necessary for instructions. Please include your phone number.

Check Our Policies

KVRL Home Page Listings:

  • The KVRL Home Page is not open to paid listings. The home page is mostly for the purpose of temporarily displaying properties that I have recently photographed or for temporarily displaying a single unit of those who list more than 10 properties. 

Payment Options

Credit Card - (via the PayPal web site - no signing up necessary)

PayPal - (Pay by credit card or checking account)

Personal or Business Checks 

US Postal Money Orders (Get them at your local Post Office)


Please Note:

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