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Located along Kauia’s West Side is the pristine treasure of Kekaha Town. Kekeha, which is just a mile past Waimea, both oceanfront towns, is an ideal place to say in Kauai simply because it boasts year-round dry warm weather. Plus, it’s nearby natural attractions include miles of white sandy beach. If you’re seeking a relaxing vacation free from the traffic of large resorts and tourist hot-spots Kekaha is the destination for you. 

Kekaha Beach offers stunning views of the nearby island, Ni’ihau. Ni’ihau is known as Hawaii’s Forbidden Island, but it’s not at all forbidden. Visitors are welcome to take a beach tour or a half-day helicopter ride to this destination. If you hunt, Ni’ihau offers hunting excursions where tourists are able to visit the island and hunt a variety of big game species including oryx, eland and aoudad. The island is truly unique and a true sight to behold, whether you’re on its shores or viewing from Kekaha Beach Park. 

Kekaha is located nearby Waimea Canyon, also known as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” This incredible canyon is a whopping 3,600 feet deep and 14 miles long. Here you’ll be treated to incredible views of the canyon’s valley’s and gorges. It’s a breathtaking site sure to stimulate every one of your body’s senses. Here you’ll be reminded how incredibly amazing the world is with all of its natural wonders. Plus, it’s the only place in Hawaii like it. 

If you’re seeking relaxation, the privacy and seclusion Kauai’s South Shore offers is just what your body needs. Visitors spending their vacation in a luxurious Kekaha cottage rental will be pleased to discover that the amenities are plentiful, while the atmosphere is one of extreme relaxation. It’s time to slow down when you get to Kekaha.

The ocean is never more than a short walk away. Water sports are available as well as miles of pristine shoreline to enjoy. Visitors are welcome to kick back and soak up the sun’s rays or indulge in activities like boating, splashing in the surf and so much more. 

The mountains serve as the perfect backdrop to this tropical paradise. Kokee State Park is the perfect place to don your hiking gear and hike the mountain’s trails. This popular attraction is well-known for its colorful plant and animal life. Park goers are given unprecedented access to the island’s teeming wildlife population and enjoy front row seats to Mother Nature’s spectacular display of diversity. With 45 miles of scenic trails, Kokee State Park can accommodate virtually all levels of hiking expertise. The area gives outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity of a lifetime.



Another appealing option for individuals and families staying in Kekaha rentals is the Koke’e Natural History Museum. The museum provides a rich history of the region including how it prospered. 

Your Kekaha vacation rental is lined in beaches with a backdrop of mountain adventure. This area continues to draw thousands of tourists each year, but still offers guests the simple pleasure of being alone, free from the traffic of busy resorts. We offer a comprehensive overview of Kekaha home rentals and many other properties in order to ensure your Kauai vacation is as perfect as you’ve imagined it to be.

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