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Brennecke's Beach and Poipu Beach Park

Poipu365’s Poipu Beach Vacation Homes offers incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay on one of their many fine Kauai South Shore vacation rentals. Poipu365 specializes in the area surrounding beautiful Poipu, an area of Kauai featuring white sandy beaches, a wealth of fun attractions and incredible ocean and mountain views. With rentals ranging from those with beachfront views to others located just a short walk from the beach, Poipu365 has a property to meet your needs and budget.


Exemplary Customer Service 

Vicki Agor - owner and brokerVicki Agor is the owner and broker of Poipu365 – Poipu Beach Vacation Homes. Vicki’s number one concern is quality customer service. More than anything, Vicki and her staff wants to ensure that their customer’s experience an unforgettable vacation. Because quality customer service is crucial to ensuring overall customer satisfaction, Poipu365 is focused on providing service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

The Poipu365 reservation system is streamlined to meet the needs of modern customer’s. The customer’s overall experience has been taken into account, which is why creating a reservation is a simple process. The professionals at Poipu365 do take on the responsibility of contacting the customer after their online reservation has been created. 

Poipu365 ensures that all property information, including availability and pricing, is correct and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many customers will find the Internet is the easiest way to book their vacations while others may prefer to phone their reservation in. Either way, Poipu365 has staff prepared to take your reservation and provide you with up-to-date information. During booking the staff at Poipu365 will suggest traveler’s insurance in order to ensure your vacation is covered should an emergency occur. 

With no hassle check-in services your vacation will start sooner. There’s no need to waste time in the offices of Poipu365 when you arrive in Hawaii. Instead, Poipu365 checks you in before you even step foot on Hawaii’s sandy shores. You’ll be sent a confirmation packet complete with everything you need to get your vacation started sooner. Included in this kit is your lock-box code, driving instructions, maps and emergency contact information. 

Poipu365 personally ensures that each property is cleaned, stocked and detailed before arrival. The cleanliness and freshness of the rental offered by Poipu365 is exemplary. Poipu365 ensures clean accommodations, but also offers on-call maintenance and housekeeping services. All issues are dealt with expediency in order to get vacationers back to their vacations. 



Rentals – Poipu Beach Vacation Homes 

Poipu365 advertises vacation rental properties that fit every budget and are all conveniently located in the Poipu Resort area of Kauai’s South Shore. For the beach bum, the adventurer and those somewhere in-between, Poipu365 properties are ideal. They cater to novice and seasoned travelers alike. 

Sea Cove Hideaway The moderately priced Sea Cove Hideaway features brand-new appliances, granite countertops, flat-screen televisions and double oceanfront decks. The property is truly breathtaking with stunning cliff views and Kauai coastline for as long as the eye can see. Also included is an outdoor pool which completely surrounded by a fence for your safety. 

Hale Plumeria Ideal for families or groups of 8 or less, the Hale Plumeria is located directly on the famous Kiahuna Golf Course. This home-away-from-home brings all new meaning to the term, “stay and play.” This unique golf course comes from the imagination of famous designer, Robert Trent Jones II. With far-reaching ocean and mountain views you’ll find the experience of charging golf balls through the air more exuberant than ever. 

Hale Hali’a Many of Poipu365’s vacation rental properties were chosen due to their uniqueness. The Hale Hali’a rental is one such property. This property is a favorite of travelers simply because of its oceanfront placement and beautiful eye-catching design. At night residents are lulled to sleep by sounds of crashing ocean waves. During the day nearly every window treats the guest to a striking view. 
The Hale Hali’a is otherwise known as the “House of Fond Remembrances.” Vacationers won’t have much difficulty determining why their vacation rental has garnered this nickname. The area is primed for unforgettable experiences like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and so much more. 

Poipu365 offers stays at these remarkable locations as well as many more. All of their vacation rentals are conveniently located along the shores and in the neighborhood of beautiful Poipu Beach. Contact Poipu365 to learn more about their properties as well as pricing and availability.



In order to ensure traveler’s needs are met and they’re comfortable Poipu365 offers a wealth of amenities. Guests are treated to these services, all under the Poipu365 code. Poipu365 keeps guest communication open ensuring guests are comfortable with calling them with whatever needs they may have or amenities they’d like to take advantage of. 

Acclimating to new surroundings can be difficult which is why Poipu365 offers grocery services. Simply send the company a grocery list. They’ll ensure that your vacation home is stocked with the items you need the most. By the time you arrive you’ll already have the items you need to cook meals at home. If you run out of groceries simply contact the staff at Poipu365, and place another order for grocery delivery. 

All rentals include wireless Internet access. If you require printing or computer access simply visit the Poipu365 office as on-site computer access and printing is available. Also included are professional housekeeping services. These housekeepers are professionals trained to clean your property without disturbing your vacation. 

These amenities are available to all travelers who choose to book their vacation rental with Poipu365. This is a company dedicated to high-end customer service and a commitment to excellence. For travelers looking to experience the best Kauai has to offer Poipu365 is a first-class choice.



About Poipu Beaches

Poipu beaches are famous for their white sands, unusual reef formations, safety and overall quality. These beaches are incredible. Each beach offers something new and exciting meaning you’ll want to visit each one during your vacation. Poipu Beach, located right at the shores of Poipu Beach Park, has a protected sandy beach and shallow area for children as well as a ligfeguard station. At low tide, there’s a very nice sand spit you can walk out on and enjoy a 180 dgree view of the Poipu coastline and it’s many wonderful tropical scenery. Protected Monk Seals often sunbathe at this beach. At the other end of the park is Brennecke’s Beach, a favorite body surfing and boarding spot. The waves are steady and high. It’s fun to grab a board and ride wave sets into the shore. 

Families with little ones will find themselves drawn to the convenience of Baby Beach. This beach is located just west of Poipu Beach and it’s another great reason to stay in Poipu. It’s ideal for young children. Baby Beach features shallow waters that break calmly, rolling gently into shore. This is a beach where parents can actually relax, as the water barely grazes the ankles of little ones. 


Lawai Beach, a little further west, is known for it’s Acid Drop surfing spot. It’s also a favorite gathering spot on the lawn of the Beach House Restaurant to take in the spectacular Kauai susnsets each evening. Shipwreck’s Beach, right in front at the Poipu Grand Hyatt Resort, is yet another surfing and boarding spot.

For those seeking a little beach-time to themselves, Mahaulepu Beach is a long stretch of beautiful beach seclusion. This pristine, un-frequented area is the perfect place for snorkeling, swimming, fishing or simply laying on the sand and soaking up the rays. Many sunbathers appreciate the ability to take in the sun without much company. Beach hours are strictly enforced, so make sure you’re packed up and ready to head out before 6 p.m. 

The Poipu beach area is a superior vacation spot, which is why Poipu365 does so much business. Travelers are drawn to this incredible area. It’s a beautiful area with so many options for play and relaxation. It’s no wonder travelers look to Poipu for the perfect vacation. 


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