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Kekaha Oceanside

Plantation Style Vacation Rentals on Kauai’s West Side

Kekaha Oceanside Vacation Rentals

Plantation Style Rentals in Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii


Kekaha Oceanside Properties feature plantation style rentals on the West Side of Kauai. Situated on one of the country’s most expansive beaches, guests have their choice of several unique homes. The privately owned properties create a memorable setting for family vacations, romantic getaways and private events including wedding ceremonies. 


Fielding House, Kekaha There are two types of guest properties available from Kekaha Oceanside Properties: homes and intimate cottages. These two and three bedroom Kekaha rentals offer the amenities of home including ceiling fans, air conditioning, linens and Internet access. 


Most rentals also include beach equipment like umbrellas and beach chairs. Foldout couches provide additional sleep space for larger groups while private outdoor barbecue areas allow guests to enjoy beautiful Kauai sunsets. The charming Kauai cottages tend to be smaller and offer a little more intimacy. Select rentals include access to an onsite pool and steam room areas. 

Not every Kekaha rental sits directly on the water. Some are beachfront properties and others are within walking distance from the water. Select rentals sit alongside the Kokee Mountains, with scenic hiking trails right at their back door. A few feature outdoor showers. 

Plantation Style Accommodations

Plantation style resorts differ greatly from other types of establishments. Instead of hotel high rises or apartment-type accommodations, a series of independent homes spread across land parcels are available for rent. Guests have the utmost privacy while enjoying traditional vacation features including pool areas and laundry service. 

Kekaha Overview 

Known as “The Place” in Hawaiian, Kekaha town was the societal center of Western Kauai. Sugar plantations dotted the landscape before tourism began to dominate the local economy. Most of the former farms now house cattle, but a few offer distinctive vacation accommodations. 

Kekaha is the perfect blend of modern society and ancient traditions. The multicultural local population is evidence of the sugar industry’s heavy influence. Year round beach weather allows guests to enjoy pristine beaches and outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. Visitors to Kekaha have excellent views of a “forbidden” island called Niihau. 

A 50-minute drive separates Lihue Airport from the rural and oceanside town of Kekaha, the most westerly town on Kauai. 


Kauai Island

Four regions make up Kauai Island: North Shore, the Coconut Coast/Lihue Kalapaki, which is on the East Shore, South Shore and the West Side. The island gained in popularity due its prominent role in a number of major Hollywood productions. Since the 1930s, notable stars graced the sandy beaches of Kauai for films including South Pacific, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the 70s version of King Kong. Stephen Spielberg used Kauai to film Jurassic Park. And let’s n or forget the TV series, Fantasy Island.

Tourism accounts for much of Kauai’s income, but highly fertile grounds continue to facilitate massive crop growth. Local produce includes guava and pineapple. The island is also home to Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) at Barking Sands, the largest training and testing site in the world. 

The West Side

The West Side of Kauai, as it’s known, features a more relaxed atmosphere. Polihale, Salt Pond and Kekaha offer a variety of natural and cultural attractions. Local rental accommodations help guests feel they have truly entered a private oasis.

Polihale sits at the northern-most point of Western Kauai. Polihale State Park features wonderful beaches and guests have an opportunity to visit nearby Polihale Heiau. Locals believed spirits used the heiau to depart this earth. 

Salt Pond in the Southwest features camping areas and abundant vegetation. Small towns allow visitors to explore traditional Hawaiian design styles. 

Kekaha separates Polihale from Salt Pond. Located in the center of Western Kauai, salt making thrives in Kekaha thanks to multiple salt ponds. The area is home to Hawaii’s lone Russian fort and beautiful beach areas. A number of rental properties are also available for short and long-term use. 



Many activities and attractions are within walking distance of vacation rentals. 
The boat docks of Kekaha offer a unique opportunity to watch local anglers at work. Charter boat rentals place visitors in close proximity of humpback whales or provide breathtaking views of the NaPali coastline. Weekend farmer’s markets feature fresh local produce and native plants. 

Not every activity involves the great outdoors. A technology and visitor center in Waimea town delivers valuable information on local culture and the island itself. The center offers complimentary Internet access and teleconferencing facilities. 

Kekaha features unique dining opportunities. Every rental property comes equipped with a full kitchen, but local restaurants offer additional options. Cuisine choices range from traditional barbecue to steak and seafood. 


Parties interested in reserving a Kekaha, Kauai rental property first need to determine site availability. Minimum stay policies are in effect and pricing discounts are available for extended visits. All rentals are smoke-free and guests may be subject to cleaning fees. Guests must pay all balances in full before their anticipated arrival date.

Travel guides tend to prefer private home rentals to hotels for extended and group travel. Homes tend to be easier on the bottom line and place guests in nicer, less commercialized areas. A wider range of amenities creates a more personalized travel experience. The Kekaha Oceanside with its plantation style rentals provides guests with the best Kauai, Hawaii has to offer. 


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